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The Apostle of Solutions

"Making God's Plan, Plain For All"

Innocent Java is an extraordinarily powerful minister of the gospel of Christ Jesus. Anointed and operates In the office of an Apostle. He is multitalented and an anointed force to be reckoned with. He moves in the revelatory power through the word of God in demonstrations of power, deliverance, healing and the prophetic. Born and raised in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe, Apostle is ordained by God to have a voice of influence to all nations. In 2007 He was commissioned by our Lord Jesus to operate in the office of the Apostolic. He is the Son of Prophet Passion Java, who unlocked him to the highest dimensions of word of knowledge and prophecy. He has been unlocked to carry a double portion of His father’s grace.

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Apostle Innocent & his wife Ruth

He was ordained to launch the first branch of Kingdom Embassy which currently has numerous branches around the world. He has ministered in about 15 countries, 25 cities and states. Apostle is a passionate and anointed, artist, songwriter, vocalist, and musician. Married to Ruth D. Java who is also A minister in 10 countries and 24 cities and states. She was born in Ethiopia and raised in the United States of America at the age of 5. As international music ministers she and the Apostle are an inspirational power couple that will shake the names for Jesus and leave a mark on generations to come. They are the Gaffas. Legendary.

Prophet Passion & Lily Java 


Born and raised in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe, Prophet Passion Java discovered at an early age that he possessed a supernatural gift; the ability to see and interact with Angels. After assuming this was normal, he soon realized that this gift was more than a gift; it had uprooted a deeper desire to do God’s work. Winning souls and leading people to Christ became his mission. As he attended grade school, he became a voice amongst his peers and his hometown prophesying and sharing the gospel. Many knew of the greater calling that God had on his life. In 2013, he heard the Lord instruct him to launch a television station in order to reach people worldwide. He named the station Kingdom TV. in which he eventually became the owner. Over the course of 8 years, KTV has stretched across the globe impacting millions; not by his knowledge of the process, but by his effortless hard-work, patience, obedience, and the grace and will of God.

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Apostle Innocent Java


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